Marisa Ross is a Casting Director working in both Chicago and Los Angeles.  Currently, she is  the head of casting for The Onion and all it’s subdivisions (, Onion Labs, Onion News Network).  In 2015 she was contracted to do all the pilot searches in Chicago for both NBC and CBS Studios.  In addition for the 2015 season, Marisa was also the Chicago Casting director on Love is A Four Letter Word, a drama pilot for NBC.  She is best known for her work casting How I Met Your Mother and in 2014 she cast the spinoff pilot How I Met Your Dad. Marisa has been the Casting Director on numerous Television Series including How I Met Your Mother, GREEK, The Goodwin Games, Tracey Ullman’s State of Union, Romantically Challenged, The Winner, We Got Next, Hollywood Residential, American Body Shop, The Showbiz Show with David Spade and Campus LadiesSome of her pilots include Iceland (FOX), The Gabriels (FOX), Ace in the Hole (CBS), Single White Millionaire (CBS), Drive (FOX), and Mindy & Brenda (WB). She has worked both alone and with Casting Director Alyson Silverberg on many of her favorite credits. Some of her feature credits include The Virginity Hit, Snow Globe and Nic and Tristan. Some of her Associate Feature Casting Director credits include The Amityville Horror, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and Hellboy. To launch her Chicago office, Marisa, led several casting searches in Chicago for 2014 pilots for CBS, ABC, 20th Century Fox and Sony. Marisa is the co-founder of the SCOUT Chicago Festival which is an annual comedy festival highlighting Chicago’s new talent. It is attended by casting executives from all the major studios and networks along with independent Casting Directors and agents from NYC and LA for a weekend in June.  The SCOUT Chicago weekend includes several diversity showcases, free tickets to existing shows, and a stand up showcase. One of the highlights is a panel of Casting and Development executives, agents and Casting Directors to demystify the television process for free to students from all over Chicago. Marisa is an active member of both the Casting Society of America and the Television Academy which she has served for several years on the Casting Director peer group committee. Marisa Ross has been nominated three times and was the recipient of the Television Casting Director of the Year award in 2009 given by the Talent manager Association. Marisa and her husband Matthias have three boys and together they love to travel as much as they can. Marisa prides herself in her knowledge and discovery of up and coming comedic talent.