How I Met Your Mother


HIMYM has finished it’s “legendary” 9 seasons! (and just finished casting how I met your dad)

Discussing her experience casting How I Met Your Mother, Marisa said, “I loved the challenge of finding the titular character of the mother for the series. It was all top secret!  Carter and Craig wanted someone unfamiliar to audiences and yet had a star quality to them.  I had seen Cristin Militioti the year before in ONCE on Broadway and  I knew she had to be the mother. I still cry watching her play the ukele and sing.  Some of my favorite guest cast actors include: Katy Perry, John Lithgow, Jennifer Lopez, Martin Short, Tim Gunn, Carrie Underwood, Becki Newton, Bryan Cranston, Joe Manganiello, Rachel Bilson  and Tracey Ullman.”

Marisa Ross is responsible for so many of the great casting moments of How I Met Your Mother it makes my head spin. I mean, she’s the person who first said “What about Cristin Milioti for The Mother?” That right there puts her in the hall of fame as far as I’m concerned. But more importantly, in our six years of working together, she consistently demonstrated an unmatched eye for talent, a tireless work ethic, and an acumen for sealing the deal that makes me infinitely grateful to have had Marisa Ross on our team. I highly recommend Marisa Ross for all your casting needs.

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas – Creators of How I Met Your Mother –


Marisa Ross Casting office.

himymfinaleOn set for the finale.


Listen to Marisa Ross be interviewed on the How I Met Your Mother casting process.





 Marisa Ross with Ellen D Williams who plays Patrice at the series wrap party.